Thursday, March 23, 2017

Things published

I'm so awful at keeping up this blog. It's probably because my mind is gone because I appear to be seeing how long it's humanly possibly to live off caffeine, toast, and yogurt. And no sleep.

I've actually published 3 books since Christmas. The Spirus went live on Christmas Day, its prequel, Belisarus' Diary went live in February, then I published a modern retelling of the Salome story that I'm probably totally going to hell for, but it was a lot of fun writing.

Salome is actually up on Instafreebie until the 31'st, so you can grab it HERE if you'd like a copy, I'd just ask that you leave an honest review when you're done.

I prefer writing literary fiction, even though it's not a popular genre. I took a break to write The Spirus, The Spirus prequel, and Salome, but now I've gone back to write my latest, Crow girl, which I'm actually having fun writing.

I had two ideas for a setting. One was an hour away from me and the other was across an ocean to a place I have family, but have never been. I opted for across the ocean and am having a blast researching different swear words and slang.

So basically, if you want to read fantasy,The Spirus , The Spirus: Belisarus' Diary are available. If you want romance and kind of erotica, Salome  is availble

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