Saturday, June 24, 2017

The AC saga continues

So, my house is still burning hot. Back into the attic.

I found this random piece of flex duct that doesn't connect to another piece of duct, is not sealed, and just blows everywhere. I'm pretty sure it's the reason why it's always winter and never Christmas in Narnia. I'm actually out of everything I need to patch duct work because the work is so shitty. Did not have time to make a Lowe's run.

Tore the house apart looking for duct take. Found a lint roller. Covered the end of the duct with that until metal tape can be procured. The AC is blowing, just not hard. Was going to go outside and attempt to shop vac the hell out of my outside unit, but you know, Louisiana, hurricane season, and that whole Cindy thing is going on.

As soon as I shut the attic, the clouds opened up and God said, "I hate you, Alfalfa." It's been storming all day. If the rain ever decides to stop and dry up outside, I'll get out there with the shop vac.

I did get some very hot writing done. It's kind of like hot yoga. You sweat your ass off while trying to breathe and concentrate and you shift positions often. Special Agent Mauve: Mission-Viper is nearly done. I just need to finish setting the scene for the next book. NO CLIFF HANGER because I hate them, just some scene building.

I decided with this book to go home for a scene. I've published about 15 works so far and only 1 book for 1 chapter takes place in Louisiana. So little Mauve goes undercover in Louisiana to deal with insurance fraud. I used a little real life experience because my life for a little while was insurance fraud. All the crazy, ridiculous things about living here made the book. Go cups, drive-thru daiquiri shops, Jesus personally making appearances in car accidents, #rallypossum, Bourbon street, casino buffets, and epic amounts of Cajun food are all in the book. We also get hit face first with Cadmium's mysterious past.

There's more hackers and more about the mysterious Arm. I'm trying to see how utterly ridiculous I can get with fake names and aliases before someone pulls me aside and tells me I went too far. Since I'm setting up the scene for the third book to deal with some of the darker SubReddits, I fully expect those emails once it's done

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