Monday, December 11, 2017

2 series makeover and new pricing

So, two series got total makeovers cover wise. I've got a few ideas as far as adding some books to The Spirus series, but I'm not writing anything in that series right now. The Mauve series, I had to put the book away and write something else when a bunch of Nazi shitheads made the news running over people with cars and it ended up taking over the plot. Mauve is to be continued and the Spirus is in the future.

The Spirus series is also being updated with new pricing. I've lowered the prices on all the books. The first book is LONG. I'll admit that, but the next 3 are shorter, so I lowered the price.

So, let's see some covers! I decided I was over the comic theme I had going with the Mauve series and wanted to go in another direction. It is technically a comedy series, but Mauve is still learning to be a bad ass secret agent and I have her journey mapped out as they move towards catching The Arm. I wanted to show more of that on the covers. I put the Origins short story back to the original photo instead of the one I turned into a techno comic book cover and found totally new images. Check it out

For the Spirus series, the original covers were just book characters, but I decided to change it to a fire theme. The ability to wield fire is limited to the ruling family and only 2 living people until the mysterious girl shows up in the first book with all these strange abilities. So, check out the new covers for the Spirus series and if you are so inclined, the new pricing should be updated soon or they are also on KU if you were interested in reading them

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