Monday, December 28, 2015

And so it ends

I'm at the point in my novel where the ending can go either way. I have to make a decision. I've put off writing for three days because I don't want to make it. I've also spent the past 3 days dyeing my hair per the previous post. My amazon dye came in, but I didn't want it to do nothing, so I bleached my hair with some left over bleach, and I'm not sure if it came out blush, bashful, or pink and pink. It was very Steel Magnolias in my house. The next day, I put the Amazon dye on and while I was shooting for a light copper, it came out nuclear orange and there wasn't enough dye for the amount of hair I have so there were bleachy pink sections. I had to hunt and gather like that (push a buggy at target) and obtain food and more hair dye. Some kid and target loved the nuclear orange and said I should werk it.

I'm up two hours late last night watching cartoons and I finally make the decision about ten minutes before I absolutely need to be getting in bed. I get as much writing done as possible and go hop in bed and read. Of course, I cannot concentrate on what I'm reading and hardly got any sleep at all. Add to the fact when I did start getting sleepy and thought I would be able to sleep, my small neurotic dog decided it would be a good idea to explore under the bed.

I've been up and rearing to write for a while, but I'm waiting for work so I can get some hours in before I start writing. I've decided on the ending and it's going to change the beginning. Such is life. I needed to edit anyway

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