Monday, December 28, 2015

Reading and dogs

I have sleep problems, so before bed, I unwind by reading a paper white kindle till I get sleepy.

This is how reading goes down in my bedroom. I'm relaxed and under the covers when a blocky, fawn head pops up on the side of the bed and I have two green eyes staring at me. If I make eye contact and do not scratch the head, she starts verbally grumping at me. If I continue to make eye contact and do not make with the head scratching, it progresses to howling and crying.

If I ignore the two green eyes staring at me, in about five minutes, there is a 32lb pit bull lying next to me licking my face and one paw is over my kindle screen so I can't read. I can say stop and she will quit with the kisses. I can move the paw off the kindle screen, but I'd better make with the back scratches if I have any hope of getting through the chapter I'm on. If I stop scratching the back to turn the page, the paw goes back over the screen.

They don't advertise when they are trying to pass pit bull bans that they are manipulative cry babies that don't let you read unless you are giving them pets at the same time

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