Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holiday time

I've had Christmas with my family and am now home. Champagne bottle uncorked and I thought someone was shooting? Check. Anti Government conspiracy theories? Check. Obama is coming to take our gun? Check.

We opened presents youngest to oldest and the entire family seemed to forget I am older than both my brother and my brother in law. Probably because they are both married with kids and my hair is bright red and my parents bought Christmas gifts for my cats. My sister in law also inquired as to the original color of my hair and everyone laughed because no one knows, including me.

I've also dropped an unexplained thirty pounds my medical team can't seem to explain, so my entire family got me diabetes for Christmas in the form of chocolate everything, which I am not complaining about because I was hungry about an hour after I got home and chocolate is delicious

I was chatting with my dad and he just started a new job and told me with his first paycheck, he intends to buy a new laptop. I know what is wrong with their current laptop. It's full of viruses and malware. It just needs to be cleaned, which I can do. I asked him to hold off on the new laptop and let me take it home and work on it and it will be another Christmas present from me

I've been at home piddling on their laptop and I'm having a hard time not calling my mother and screaming at her like Gordon Ramsey "You put so much malware on here, you made Bill Gates cry." It's getting fixed and I sent my dad a text selling him the virtues of Windows 8 or 10, where my mum and nephew can get things from the windows store instead of installing things from all over the wide web. I know when I got my laptop, ,he was pretty anti Windows 8.

So after this virus scanner gets done running and I get more potential malware uninstalled, I'm putting Windows 8 on here because it's an older laptop and I don't think it can handle 10. Tomorrow, I will be teaching my mother how to use Windows 8 and hopefully filling up on left overs

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