Sunday, December 20, 2015

My main character

I'm so conflicted on what I want to do with this character. I'm almost finished with this novel and I have to make a decision soon.

I created this character when I was fourteen. I finished the novel at seventeen. I began rewriting and changing the story at eighteen. While decades may have passed without me writing about these characters because I was either in school, getting married, or I decided I wanted to focus on another art form, I still thought about them. Every night, when I would get in bed, I would think about what rewrites I would do.

The character has totally evolved from when I was fourteen and I think more realistic now. The character has gone from close to my age when I started writing the novel, and now that I'm almost finished, she's younger, but closer to the age I am now. She really kind of grew up with me.

I know what her fate is in my first draft. I'm conflicted on if it's going to be the same in the final draft. I like to torture my characters. This character has been through a lot. There have been a lot of bad times and now some good times.

There are two different parts and narrators in this novel. The first part of the novel is told from the view point of a journal by the character I'm conflicted on. Then it switches to the view point of her mother and we don't get to see what goes on in her head while she has to deal with all the issues I throw at her, we see how much it hurts her mother.

I don't plan on switching back to the view point of my original narrator because it doesn't make sense. I'm now conflicted on this characters fate. Is it a good one or a not so happy ending? After everything I've put both of my narrators through, does it all work out for them? Does it all come crashing down on their heads?

After living with this character for decades now, this decision is really in my hands and I'm going to have to make it soon and I am totally dreading it

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