Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hair dye and the Evil Overlord

My normal day involves waking up, feeding everyone, working, then writing. The girl cats have decided they will no longer dine with the boy cats and demand their food be brought up to be. I do this because one girl cat is tiny and the other is thin and they can't afford losing weight.

I work at home and my hours depend on the availability of work. Lately, there has been a shortage. I did, up until a few months ago, go to an office for work. I'm trying to find another office job in my field.

While I was at my previous office job, they did not really care about tattoos, piercings, etc, as long as you could do your job properly and not walk off the floor. It's a high stress job. So I dyed my hair fire engine red and all was fabulous. Then I got laid off.

I had a job interview with a new company and I did not know the culture there and I didn't want to bleach my hair again, so I dyed burgundy over it. I did not get the job.

After looking at the burgundy for a few weeks, I now hate it and it makes me look like Satan or at least, an evil overlord. Maybe I didn't get the job not because they didn't like my answers to the bizarre questions they asked me, but because they thought I would start collecting souls?

I had two boxes of a color that my hair was for the majority of college that does not make me look like I want you to eat that apple, but it didn't take. I was at the grocery store and found a color I like, but they only had one box and it takes two boxes to do my hair. So I just grabbed the next color and dyed it.

Now my bathroom looks my evening activities are along the lines of the television show Dexter and I still look like I tempt people in exchange for their immortal souls.

I got on amazon and attempted to find the color I'm looking for. Which I did, but it's an add on item. So I ordered two boxes to do my hair and another box to do my roots just in case this actually works. I'm not quite sure why my hair has decided to rebel against me. My hair has been almost every color and there's been some bizarre colors that were easier to get out than burgundy.

So since there's no work for me right now, I'm going to go dye my hair and sit here with a target bag on my head and hit refresh and see if work reloads while I'm being held hostage waiting for work.

I may finish my novel this week. I'm really close. I made the difficult decision and I'm sticking with it.

If I finish and decide I can't live with it, at least my hair color may be right

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